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The fellowship of the mind, in the far backwater territories of Loria, spent twenty years unraveling the secrets of the mind. They have discovered that:
  -The mind and the body are irrevocably linked, and your mental power depends on the abilities of your being.
  -Each psionic discipline is linked to a certain ability: Psychometabolism--Strength, Psychomobility--Agility, Psychokinesis--Vitality, Clairsentience--Mentality, Telepathy--Charisma.
  -Whenever a power is used, the manifester's experience with that power's "seed" increases. In addition, related "seeds" gain a little bit of experience as well.
  -Each seed, other than your first, requires a certain level of experience before it is discovered.
  -The links outlined in yellow only exist if they branch out from your primary discipline. (i.e., a Psychometabolist would have access to Acid, Earth, and Enfeebling, as well as Agility, Vitality, Mentality, and Charisma, but nothing else.)
  -In many ways, the powers of the mind manifest much like arcane and divine magic, and in some cases, exactly like spells of the same kind.

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