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Build 4: (Target Date: January 31, 2004) COMPLETED: February 2, 2004
  -World Creation (39 locations, 1 castle and 1 town)
  -Battle tweak
  -Revamping of the magic system to include over 30 DIFFERENT and UNIQUE seeds of magic.

Build 5 (Taget Date: Aug, 31 2004) COMPLETED: Aug 27, 2004
  -3 new base classes (Druid, Theif, Psion)
  -Class special abilities
  -Treasure from battle
  -Enemy AI
  -The first few QUESTS will go up (aka: story line)
  -Original Loria Soundtrack
  -6 UNIQUE sprites, one for each base class
  -Revamping the World:
      -New Town tileset
      -New Forest tileset
      -New Cave tileset
  -Character Backup System
  -Player Interaction Phase 1:
      -Player Rankings
      -Player Messaging

Build 6 (Target Date: October 31, 2004) COMPLETED: Feb 24, 2006
  -New Treasure Table. With this, you can get improved treasure from battle: potions, armor, weapons, magic items, etc.
  -All new incredible monster pictures drawn by the team's artist Laurentiu.
  -New Build6 Content:
      -New Outpost (Sorrah)
      -New Town (Travincala)
      -New Quests
      -New Original Music
      -New Plains Tileset
      -Revampage of the items (new potions, weapons, and armor)
      -New Arcane Combination spells (spells requiring two or more seeds)
  -Player Interaction Phase 2:
      -Player Visibility (you can see other players in the game while playing)
      -Positive Effects on Players (You can cast helpful spells on other players while on the world screen)
      -Chat in any location
      -Arena (where players can fight eachother)
      -Market (where players can put up their items for sale to other players)
      -In Game Message Board

Build 7 (Target Date: Feb. 2005) RELEASED: July 24, 2006
Player Interaction Phase 3
  -Guilds: Level 20 to start one, level 5 to join one
  -Guild wars: Over 360 different regions to control
  -Guild Chat (each guild gets it own private chat)
  -Guild Message Board (each guild gets its own message board)

Realms of Loria 1.0 (Target Date: September 2008)
-Official Release of Realms of Loria (out of beta):
  -Complete character wipe
  -New "Web 2.0" (non-refresh) interface
  -New real-time/turn-based hybrid combat system.
  -Fellowships: fight monsters and complete quests with your friends.
  -Redefined Items with balanced restrictions and class specialties.
  -Addition of item creation materials.
  -Player Item Crafting.

Realms of Loria 1.1 (Target Date: December 2008)
  -Over 20 Advanced Classes
  -New content: quests, monsters, dungeons, items, and more.
  -Guilds rework: fewer areas to control, build fortifications, declare war, and more.

Throughout each Build, we will be adding on: pieces of the world, new monsters, and after Build5, a few quests.

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