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Loria Mythos

What is a Mythos?
Mythos - (Gr. mythos, meaning mythology). Mythos is the original greek word for mythology. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien adopted the term "mythos" to describe everything that in the world that they created. Everything from people, to races, even to wars. Creating a mythos was the most important thing for J.R.R. Tolkien when he wrote The Lord of the Rings. Before he ever wrote any story about Frodo, he created the world, with nations, leaders, unique languages, etc. What's more, every society has a mythos, which are, the myths and legends that people tell from generation to generation. The most famous of these would be Greeks with Zeus, et all. The next most famous was the Norse pantheon with the mighty Thor. Even the United States of America has myths unique to it, such as Paul Bunyon and his blue ox, and legends such as Davy Crocket or Daniel Boone.

So, just as it has been done before, the Realms of Loria also has a mythos. It will obviously not be completely unique, because, as the great Solomon once said "there is nothing new under the sun". However, we have tried to make this as unique to our world as possible, trying to come up with different approach to this. Please, enjoy the mighty Mythos of Loria.

The gods
Thormir, God of Healing, Light, and Song: The first of the gods, he created the world of Ellaron. From the aftermath of the creation came the other gods. However, since they were only an after thought of Thormir, they retained only a piece of his being. Therefore, they were unlike him, each with their own personality. Thormir created all the races that inhabit Ellaron; everything from the graceful elves to the trolls and goblins. He gave each race a choice: they could live together in peace, or let war tear them apart.
Calimah, God of Evil and Darkness: When light was first created by Thormir, darkness was separated from it. This darkness took form in Calimah. Preferring to hide in the shadows, Calimah has never challanged Thormir, for if he were to, he would not be able to withstand the light that comes from Thormir. Calimah instead prefers to undermine Thormir's goodness by manipulating others. Even though Calimah hates the light and wants all to turn to darkness, he has a strange respect for Thormir.
Livella, Goddess of Order and Healing: When Ellaron was actually created, it was in perfect order. From the magical energy that brought it forth from nothingness, and the order or creation, Livella was born. Livella's only enemy among the gods is Descrod, her evil twin brother who despises her for her beauty.
Descrod, God of Chaos and Weakness: The second after creation, things began to slowly degenerate from order to chaos. Out of the chaos came a deformed being, the exact opposite of his siter. Struggling against his sister Livella constantly, Descrod believes that they way of things must be disorder and chaos. To him, order represents perfection, which he can never obtain.
Hantine, Goddess of Magic and Strength: The godess of secrets is another name for her. Each of the gods confides in her and asks for her help. Out of the pure magical energy of creation, Hantine was created and Thormir gave over to her the task of guarding magic. Thormir gave this job to her, because of the way she interacts with not only the other gods, but the created ones as well. She treats all with fairness, being completely neutral in all things. Wizards who work hard gain her favor, for she bases her judgement on facts, and working hard is a sign of strength (whether mental or physical).

At first, all was night, and nothing lit the sky. Out of the darkness came Thormir, who lit everything with his great presence. But his light brought forth nothing, as it shone into the endless void. Thormir was sad at this, and thought at great length what to do. At last, Thormir opened his mouth and began to sing. At first, it was just a low base carrying through the night and into the far reaches of the cosmos. Then, harmony began to be heard as the stars winked into existance and joined the throng. Soon, the night was filled with countless stars, all singing with Thormir. More voices joined in as a vast land was formed amongst the chorus. It was as if the very land, which Thormir named Ellaron, was singing out to its creator. Countless voices joined in, but never made the song any louder. Darkness fled from Ellaron as light began to shine down upon it. Soon, the trees, the rocks, and even the very beasts of the land and sea joined into the mighty chorus. At last, Thormir ended the song, and it ceased. However, Ellaron did not quit singing, for it was this song that brought it life. No mortals can hear the song of Ellaron, but the song is the powerful energy known as "magic", which all beings on Ellaron have flowing through them. All beings on Ellaron have the song of creation running through their veins. Some have it more than others. How much is flowing through you is called by mortals your "mana", or "bread of life". Some have learned to tap into this magic (Wizards), a privledge which Hantine watches over very carefully.

The Mortal Races and their choices
Thormir did not think it was right to create races and not allow them the free choice that he himself enjoyed. If the people of Ellaron were going to do what was right, then he wanted it to be by choice and devotion, not by force. Therefore, he gave every race a chance to chose what they wanted. Of the five major races, only Dwarves, Elves, and Humans chose to live nobly. Of course, from each race there are many exceptions, but in each of these race's blood, there flows a feeling a justice and righteousness put there by Thormir. The other two races, Orcs/Goblins and Trolls/Ogres, chose not to live nobly. Into their hearts, Thormir let Descrod plant the seed of chaos. Because of this choice, these races never prospered as well as the Dwarves, Elves, and Humans.

Heros and Legends
Hellion the Mighty: Amongst the kingdoms created by the first born (those who were given the choice by Thormir), the greatest was the noble land of Killare, of the humans. The land it controlled was vast, and its people lived in peace. Livella watched over the humans with great pride, as they strove for order in everything. During these years of peace, of prophet of Livella was given a vision. In this vision he saw a great oak tree, which must have been as big as the very castle where the king of Killare resided. The oak tree stood, proud and tall for many years. But soon, its brances began to sulk, and its leaves turned brown. The tree eventually became hollow as it rotted from within, a shell of its former self. The king saw the meaning of this dream and called his council to meet to discuss it. None knew what to do about the apparent inner rotting that was to afflict the nation eventually, if not already. Those gathered there began to accuse the king, claiming that this calamity was his fault. Among them was Hellion, a noble and friend of the king. Hellion was the only one not to accuse the king so unjustly. But the men were scared, and desperate men have been known to render desperate deeds. The king was taken and thrown into prison, and the kingdom of Killare descended into Chaos. Hellion, however, was not idle during this. He left and began to seek out the prophet that had started this all. The prophet lived in the very outskirts of Killare, and indeed it took even Hellion several months to find. Upon finding the prophet's home, he called out to him with a loud horn. Bursting forth from the home came the prophet, covered in dark flame. Upon seeing this, Hellion blasted his horn again, bringing the prophet to his knees, hands over his ears.Hellion then brought forth his sword and stabbed it deep into the gut of the prophet. With a great burst of energy, the dark flame left the prophet. However, the wound had killed the prophet, and the blast had killed Hellion, and they both fell to ground. Livella descended to that very spot, and touched with sadness that her prophet had been killed, and that Hellion had great courage to free her prophet from the evil that was bound to him, she planeted a tree there. The tree was a mighty oak, as big as the very castle of Killare. However, from it burst two streams, one from each side. The king of Killare was released and the nobles who put him there were put to death. Livella proclaimed that this tree she planted would never rot as depicted in the dream of the prophet, but instead be a monument to the lives of her prophet and Hellion, the mighty.

Killare and the fall of the first kingdom
The first kingdom of men was hailed as a becon of light by all the noble races (elves, dwarves, and humans). Knowledge was spread to the far corners of the land during the rule of the great kings. And even though troublesome times graced the land (as in the time of Hellion the Mighty), it prospered very well. Knowledge of magic was never at a higher point. The kingdom of Killare was a friendly land, where dwarves and elves could roam freely without prejudice or fear. The three races got along very well indeed during those times, and jointly defended their lands against the random attacks of the lesser races (orcs/goblins and trolls/ogres). The Humans, however, were the only ones to trade with the lesser races, or in fact, have any contact with them. None know for sure how long ago was the golden age of Killare. At last, though, the lesser races realized the error of their ways in the beginning, and united against Killare. They did not do this through any realization of their own, however. It took a leader that was not of their own. All at once, the attacks stopped being random, and started becoming smart. The attacks focused on the elves and dwarves first, casusing them to pull thier own forces back to their homeland. Then, in one great battle, the lesser races overran the best defenses of Killare. They ransacked their cities and one by one, the regions fell beneath "the unstoppable ones". If not for the wise queen Laura, the human race would have been decemated forever. After the great exodus, there was none left to defend their lands. Livella, angered by the lesser races, asked Thormir if he would destroy them. Thormir, decided otherwise and guided the ships to a new shore where they could rebuild again. The kingdom of men that was founded was named Loria, after the wise Queen Laura who had saved their people.

The Realms of Loria
The battered people of Killare no longer felt that they were Kilarians, having left behind forever the land that they so loved. So, they adopted a new name, and a new identity. It has been two hundred and sixty years since they landed on the shores of Loria. The kingdom of Loria spread across the continent quickly and prospered, just as its predecessor had done. They began to focus on their new lives, and soon, the knowledge of Killare all but faded out of existance. It has only been with the recent arrival of the orcs on the continent that the people have begun to remember what happened all those years ago. The elven kingdom just north of the new orc kingdom has requested help as their borders have begun to be attacked. Even scouts of the lesser races have been seen stalking the forests of Loria. It's no longer safe to let children wander the forest at night. The king of Loria has sent forth a call to all those citizens who would defend their country, lest the same thing happen again as it did with Killare. The lesser races are out for blood, and out to finish the job started two hundred and sixty years ago......
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