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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Comments
In this page you will find questions that people ask us frequently. So look here first before asking us. Thanks.

1) What did you use to create the game?
1) PHP: This is the scripting language the game is written in.
2) A basic graphics editing program.
3) HTML: This is the scripting language that makes our web site nice and pretty looking.
4) Java: The World Builder was written in this. The World Builder is our level designer.
5) Reiner's Tilesets: We have taken random bits of stuff from this man and turned it into our own tiles. However, we couldn't have been so awesome without him! Thanks Reiner!

2) Can I have a copy of the game code?
1) You can have a copy of the cheesy game code, as long as you acknowledge us as the creators. E-mail us.
2) You CANNOT have a copy of The Realms of Loria. Sorry, but no. So don't ask, cause we won't even respond.
3) You CANNOT have a copy of the world builder. Sorry, but no. Don't ask us about this one either.

3) Where can I go to change my password, e-mail, etc?
You can go to the Player Utility page. There's a link to it on the menu to your left.

4) I found a bug.
See that link "report a bug" in the menu to your left? Go there.

5) Why don't you make the game a client, or plugin-based?
It's very simple. The game is in a browser because it's the easiest for player accessibility. Who wants to download a game client? With this, you can get on and start playing, no matter where you are, or on what computer. Sure, it would be interesting to have a client based game, but there's plenty of those out there. This is meant to be something relatively unique.

6) I'd like to help you guys out.
There are several ways you can help us out.
1) Tell us your ideas. The message board is there for these purposes. We need all the ideas from players we can get! That's what makes the game great, that is, the fact that we listen to our players.
2) Financial support. In case you didn't know, we create this game fully out of the goodness of our hearts (and the fact that we like our own game... heh). We have a donation link to the left. Also, there is another method of helping us financially, see if you can find it.
3) Play the game! The more players we have, the better we think we're doing, and the more motivated we are to create.

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