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The clergy of the various deities, while they don't always get along too terribly well, have at one time actually met together to bring together their knowledge of the magic that makes up the divine. This is what they have found:
  -Good and evil, law and chaos, though they seem truly distant, are in the end somehow connected.
  -Light and darkness have their place on opposite sides of the divine spectrum.
  -Whenever a spell is cast of a certain type, the deity grants caster experience with the "seed" of that type. In addition, related "seeds" gain a little bit of experience as well.
  -Each seed, other than the initial seeds offered by your deity, requires a certain level of experience before it is discovered.
  -Along with the common connected seeds, certain seeds may be offered by deities that are outside the range of the divine, however, these are in no way connected to the divine.
  -It is suspected that the deities are withholding some of their power.

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