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Our Benefactors
On this page, those whose hearts are big enough to donate to the cause of free online games are enshrined.

Distinguished Benefactors ($100+)
"Anskire Elrinfaer"

Outstanding Benefactors ($50-$99)
Dave Gibson (5 times)

Esteemed Benefactors ($20-$49)
Randall Knowles
Steven Kovach
Jeffrey Harvish
William Drabic Jr

Benefactors ($1-$19)
Brad Landis
Charles Adams
Joel Chapa
Bryce McChesney
Mary Lewis
Sven Johnson

How to Donate
So, does our list stir you to altruism? Has seeing our game made you want to see more? Do you just want your name up on our page? Follow the "Make a Donation" link to your left, and be generous to your heart's content!

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