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About The Realms of Loria
The Realms of Loria is a unique game that showcases the latest in browser-based game development. In this game, the King of Loria has sent out calls for the people to defend the kingdom in its time of crisis. The prophecies fortell a time of troubles will befall the land, and that time is fast approaching! Here is what you can expect to see in this game:

  • Start as one of six unique base classes: Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Theif, Druid, or Psion.     
  • Learn powerful spells in a unique magic system unlike any other!     
  • Explore a vast and beautiful 2D world from castles to forests to the plains and more!     
  • Find or buy powerful items including magic items!     
  • Fight many monsters from rats and badgers to ogres and necromancers!     
  • Fight other players in the Arena!     
  • Join a guild or create your own and battle for dominance to own over 360 territories!     
  • Listen to an origial soundtrack that is on par with professional games.

    The Realms of Loria is shattering all previous games to come before it and is redefining the genre of the browser-based RPG! The king calls...will you answer?

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    Scarlet Dragon Entertainment began in January of 2003, originally called Silver Dragon Entertainment. On one saturday in January of 2003, Bob and James were walking in a Barnes and Noble bookstore. There, after goofing around and looking at nerd books, they stumbled upon a PHP book. Having never coded in PHP or seen it before, James told Bob to get the book. However, Bob did not want to shell out $30 for the book. But, in the end, James convinced him to spend moeny, and so they brought the book home with them. The next day, James was sitting in their dorm room when Bob came back from class and exclaimed: "Look at what I did during class! I made a maze!". James saw this and thought to himself: "Ooooo...I could make an RPG out of this!". So James added in battles. Bob then fixed the bugs in his code, and the game had begun! This was the beginning of current playable cheesy game. The cheesy game then got classes, spells, and then that summer got prestige classes. It was awesome.

    The Realms of Loria began in late 2003 when Bob and James decided that we needed to step it up and notch and take this game to the next level. So we named it. The first name proposed was done so by James. He said, "Let's call it 'The Lands of Loria'. What do you think?" Bob said "No, that sounds too much like 'Lands of Lore', which had Patrick Stewart as a voice over!". Then, in jest we proposed "The Realms that Nobody Remembers", making fun of Forgotten Realms. We then merged the two together and got The Realms of Loria. The real driving force behind the game is most definately James. He has a vision for greatness, and pushes Bob along to do the heavy coding. However, without Bob, much of the game would be nothing.

    It was later that same year, that we released a crappy, crappy version of The Realms of Loria (Build2). This version was visually not much different than the cheesy game, but there were major changes. The changes were: no longer storing variables in the URL, adding in a decomp system to protect our data, and making it such that player's data was acutally stored. In the cheesy game, you can't resume your games. This was a big first step. In December of 2003, Bob's friend from his hometown saw the game and got added onto the team. Matt's express purpose was to create a World Builder so we could have an actual world, with tiles, and not just blue and red squares. With Matt's addition to the team, the game started to take off. Soon we released yet another crappy version of the game (Build3). Build3 still had no explorable world. On Febuary 3rd, 2004, we released Build4. This was the first open version of the game. It had an explorable world too. But the world tiles were blockly and did not fit together at all. Then James found Reiner's Tilesets and then the world took off. August 27th, 2004, we released Build5 of Realms of Loria. This version had the forest tileset you see now, as well as lots of new features: 6 base classes all with unique 3 hour abilities, Druids having companions, Treasure from battle, Enemy AI, Player messaging, etc. The game REALLY changed with this Build. Unfortunately, the monster pictures were still cheesy and crappy.

    On September 1st, 2004, we moved servers. We stopped being hosted by a free place and actually shelled out some cash. On September 29th, 2004, James contacted and found Laurentiu Bontea (by seeing his artwork on the Blizzard website) and he agreed to do monster art for us. On November 4th, 2004, we got in the monster pictures and they were miles ahead of what we used to have! Later that year we released Build6. The major changes were extra world and an Arena. January 22nd, 2005, we released Build6.2 which had the new and improved Treasure Table, the ability to check your messages at any time (instead of having to go back to town to the post Office), the plains, and some other stuff. In the summer of 2005 we released World and Area chat, the ability to see other players in the game, and the ability to cast "harmless" spells on other players, and a new and improved Arena. This was a major update in making the game more and more like an MMORPG.

    Over the next year, the game continued to grow and change. More players began to play, and we added in even more features such as an in-game message board, tripling the world size, adding in a totall new town, and adding in new quests. Fall of 2005 to Spring of 2006 was the senior year of the college students. The game had followed them since the beginning of their college career and now, in their senior year they became very busy and game development slowed down quite a bit. However, during this year, over fifty small tweaks to game were made to bring ballance to the game, including decreasing spell damage, revamping gaining magic seed XP, and a damage gimp to keep level 100 players from killing level 250 dragons. Finally, after some hosting trouble in the summer of 2006, the dev team got back on the ball and released the guild system and the guild wars, where all above-ground land in Loria can be conquered by guilds, and they gain benefits from it.

    There is just one major release left to go before the development team will see the game as complete, as far as features go. There will always be more world and quests made, but there is only one more major coding release left. To view more about it, you can go here

    We are still working on the game, and constantly adding in new features. So why do we devote a good amount of our free time to making this game? Well, since our youth we have played RPGs (like Zelda: A Link To The Past) and we love them. It has always been our desire to create our own game that is awesome. We also have a firm belief that it should be 100% free to the players. None of this "Pay us and get benefits!" crap. No. It's ALL free. We have been asked: At any time, were you thinking "This game is gonna be awesome!"? Well, James has always thought that, since day 1 of the cheesey maze. Bob, however, really doubted that the game would ever amount to anything until summer of 2005 when the game really started to look like an MMO. We love our game, and we hope that you do too.

    The game has been 100% copyrighted since its beginning. All content on this website is copyrighted by Scarlet Dragon Entertainment, and is completely their intellectual property. The official Realms of Loria Terms of Service can be found Here.

    All monster pictures were drawn by Laurentiu Bontea, and all original tiles were provided by Reiner's Tilesets. The tilesets were then completely reformed by James to fit our needs, however the basis of our tiles is from Reiner.

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